4 Words Made Me Stress-Free

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When you have a genuine heart it is hard to live carelessly. When you end relationships you actually consider the other person’s feelings and attempt to let them down easily. You probably care enoughto give your employer a two week notice before leaving. Most likely you have given your last dime when you needed it badly yourself.

Yes. You’re probably the person who searches for a reason whenever someone stabs you in the back because that kind of evil doesn’t make sense to you. When someone says they need help, you don’t know why, but you throw on your cape and become a superhero.

The toughest part about caring so much is realizing others do not care as much as you do. Most people do not consider the feelings of others and they will drag you down to save themself.

First. Understand why you are the way you are. The fruits of the Holy Spirit include Peace, Kindness, Goodness, and even Longsuffering. When you truly have God inside your heart you welcome these attributes. This is who you are. Unfortunately, not everyone will adopt these characteristics.

There’s only one way to free yourself from the agony of feeling overwhelmed and taken for granted. You have to be willing to say four words… “That’s Not My Problem.”

Try it. It’s so exuberant! The next time someone approaches you dont instantly make it a priority over things you are already committed to. Just let it out your mouth, “That’s Not My Problem.”

You’ll know when God is calling you to help someone from the times people are just abusing your kindness. If God calls you to respond, by all means, do what you’re called to do. If God hasn’t invited you to be involved it is honestly not your problem. Don’t stress yourself out over every little situation that comes your way.

A man wanted to follow Jesus but he asked Jesus if he could go back and bury his father. That wasn’t as simple as it sounds. In those days ‘bury my father’ meant he was very sick and would die soon. It could have been years. The man was looking for an excuse to forsake his spiritual responsibilities. Jesus’ reply was epic. He pretty much told the man, ‘that is not as important as the responsibility I have given you. Let someone who is spiritually dead deal with that. Its not your problem anymore.’

Not everything has parallel importance. It’s ok to just pull yourself out of an equation that will mentally and spiritually drain you. Just because a situation is important to someone else doesn’t mean has to be a life priority for you.

Matthew 8:22
But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.