Amazon features new book by Ro Wright in national book club with 1 Million readers


The People Next Door is making much noise along the Gulf Coast and now it is in great position to reach an untapped audience thanks to Amazon. Author Ro Wright (New Orleans, LA) released the novel early March in 2019 and the response was great enough for him to consider an opportunity offered by Amazon to reach a much larger audience.

Amazon has a book club through their Kindle Unlimited Services. More than one million readers subscribe to the service monthly and more than ten million readers review it monthly. Readers pay a monthly fee to join Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Club. As members, readers may read as many books as they like no matter how much the book cost on Amazon’s site. Readers can access any book any where through their Amazon Kindle Fire device or through the Amazon Kindle app which works on all Apple and Android devices.

“As a writer it is great because your project is now available to a much larger audience who may not have even known about your book if it weren’t available in the Kindle Unlimited Club. The way Amazon promotes new authors and brings new eyes to the pages can be very lucrative for authors,” said Wright. He is referencing the way authors are paid through the service. It’s very similar to the way Rideshare companies pay drivers for miles or the way Music Sites pay artists every time a listener streams their music. Amazon pays authors every time a reader reads their book.

“The hard part is creating content that people are interested in reading. You want a story that traps the imagination and invites the reader to see what happens next. All any novelist wants is for readers to enjoy the picture they have painted with words,” Wright continued. “The People Next Door is that kind of book. It is hilariously therapeutic and dramatically addictive,” he said about his own novel.

The book is the story of a woman who returns to the small community where she was raised upon learning the death of her grandmother. She finds out her grandmother was wealthy and left it all to her. A developer wants to buy the land in which many of her grandmother’s rental properties are located. She has a decision to take the money or rebuild her old neighborhood. While visiting her old community she is given a journal which was kept by her grandmother with the detailed history of every tenant who’d ever lived in her rentals. Hidden secrets and dirty drama is exposed because Grandma’s book tells who shot who, who the real baby’s daddy is, what really happened when…., and the all the hidden scandals of their neighborhood. Most importantly, The People Next Door, details how national issues in the 80’s changed the direction of the progressive Black community in America. As racism and economic oppression haunted Urban communities all over the country, this community fought adversity together.

One major take away from the Amazon deal is that Amazon doesn’t share with others. “They want it exclusively,” said Wright. While it’s good for Amazon Kindle Book Club Members it’s not so great for people who prefer reading on other sites such as iBooks, Google Books, Barnes & Noble, Nook… etc. However, Amazon’s Kindle app will work on any device. So, if a reader likes reading or their iPad or their Galaxy device they simply need to download the Amazon Kindle app and any book they are reading through Amazon Kindle can be read on any device or desktop. The app itself is a free download but the membership is $9.99 per month. If you’re interested you can sign up here.

Printed copies of, The People Next Door by Ro Wright, can be purchased on various sites for $24.99. Amazon also offers the printed version of the book with free shipping for Amazon Prime Members. The printed version of the popular novel can also be purchased on the author’s website. While the shipping is not free through the author’s site all books through the author’s site are signed by the author himself.

If you prefer not to be a member of Amazon’s Unlimited Book Service you can still purchase the E-Book version of the book on Amazon for just $9.99. Amazon is carrying the E-Book exclusively. The People Next Door is the 5th Book from Ro Wright but it’s his first novel. All other books by the author were Self-Empowerment books and they are all featured on Amazon as well.