Apple Airpods feel right, look tight, but the sound is light

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I will admit. I am a little hard on Apple. If you follow me you know I’m kidding myself. I am VERY HARD ON APPLE! But wait…. wait…. first lemme explain. Apple users are like Lakers fans. They don’t believe there is a world beyond their bubble. Ok. Now I have pissed off all my Laker followers!

This time… Apple has created something magical. I can’t deny it. It is gutting me to even write this but I have to be honest. The Apple Airpods are like two white diamonds and not the kind your freaky aunt sprays on to smell good. These little guys are beautiful and I mean more beautiful than Halle Berry… or Jessica Beil… or Beyonce… or Jason Momoa (for my gay guy readers) or whoever you think is beautiful. They are gorgeous!

  1. Light. They are so light you will more than likely forget they are even in your ear. That’s exactly what we want in an earplug. Nobody wants the weight of an earplug to feel like a Christmas tree ornament is hanging on to your ear. These little guys are so light they feel like paper.
  2. Control. I don’t have an Apple phone. So, I don’t even get the full experience but I tried them out on a friend’s phone and you will feel like God. I mean… you’ll just speak something and it happens. Play this… and it comes on. Pause that song…. and it pauses. Who won a Grammy… and it will tell you in your ear. Call my wife… and it will call. Not her, call my other wife… and it will call your sidepiece! While they work effortlessly with Apple phones they also work pretty good with Android phones through the Google Assistant app which is built in all Android devices.
  3. Battery Life. So, you only get 5 hours of battery life with fully charged plugs. However, the little portable case that comes with it has 24 hours of energy built into it. It’s like having a “quickie” in the middle of the day. As soon as it’s over you’re energized for the rest of the day! I know it sounds funny but the battery really does charge quick. I mean… that’s the best analogy I could come up with. Don’t shoot me. You get the point don’t you?

There is no way you could’ve possibly imagined me doing a review of an Apple product and not critiize them for SOMETHING! I mean, they can’t just get a 100 A+ on this test. Who do you think they are, Samsung? Ok. I’m just kidding. Just a few things… really.

Not Sweatable…

If you sweat heavily when you’re working out they may not be the best fit for you. They don’t have a rubber clamp that connects to the ear lobe like the Bose phones. So, they will more than likely slide out if you sweat hard. They are fine for driving, working, or just casual walking but you’re not about to climb any mountains or run any marathons with these. I wouldn’t even play in the rain with these plugs.

Sound is very … ummm… apple-ish

To Apple’s defense they aren’t known for their audio advantages. They are known for the simplicity of their great products. I don’t care how long Apple and Beats have been dating on the down low. The sound is not the best quality. I mean… it’s good. It’s just not going to blow your mind. They sound like the off brand headphones you buy at TJ Maxx or LOTS. You know the ones that look like Beats but sound like Cheats. Well, not that bad but… let’s just say I expected better sound quality. Also, there is no sound isolation. If you’re a player. Don’t lie to your lady and tell her you’re still at work when you know you’re at the strip club. She will be able to hear them announce “Coming to the stage next is Cinnamon” in the background while you’re talking.

Waying the Odds….

They are stylish. They are light as a feather. They are far ahead of the pack when it comes to technology features and abilities. As long as you aren’t sweating like you just ran a marathon these are the ear plugs you want. They get a thumbs up from me for design, perfection, and capability. As long as you aren’t a musician looking for the best quality sound or a liar who is constantly lying about where you are you should be perfectly fine with these.