Bayou Classic pulls largest crowd in 10 years, Grambling wins

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You can feel it in the air all over the state for weeks prior to the exciting weekend. Black People in Louisiana don’t get excited about Thanksgiving. We get excited about Bayou Classic!

A weekend of festivities was nearly shattered due to massive shooting on Bourbon St. hours after the game but the shooting had nothing to do with Bayou Classic directly. Common thugs attempted to destroy such a wonderful tradition but the fans would not allow it to stop their friendly comradery. NOPD was on the scene within minutes and one of the suspects was arrested immediately.

It shouldn’t plague the obvious progress of the Bayou Classic Weekend. Family and friends of both universities wait all year for a chance to compete, laugh, eat, dance, and catch up on old times. There is no better place to do it all than New Orleans!

This year, Doug Williams (former GSU Coach) was honored among several past Bayou Classic MVPs. He has always been a contributor to the Grambling/Eddie Robinson Legacy.

The story of this year, no doubt, is the remarkable job that young Coach Broderick Fobbs has done with the Grambling St. University football program. This is a program that just 3 years ago was on the verge of shutting down as players protested and staged a walk out due to the poor conditions of Grambling’s Athletic Facilities. Coach Fobbs has turned a struggling GSU Football program into a winning machine. The success of Grambling has sparked a fire in North Louisiana which has contributed majorly to the recent rise in attendance for the Classic.

Two years straight under Coach Fobbs, Grambling has defeated the Southern Jaguars but this time was nothing short of a true life, “butt whipping”, as Grambling won 52-30, clinching another Division Title.

Southern’s band, the “Human Jukebox”, dazzled the crowd with their organized field drills and highly energetic contemporary dance moves. One of the most notable moments on the field would be the band’s answer to social media’s “Mannequin Challenge”. The entire band paused as mannequins on the field and the crowd intensified in response to it.

For 43 consecutive years now, the Bayou Classic has been the landmark event which unites colleagues, alumni, college students, and black families across the state. This year the Classic made it known that is back on track and bigger than ever!

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