Black Surgeon produced new Faith Based movie, A Question of Faith, was born and raised in Gulfport

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Christian movies have become so popular that they have their own category now on most movie sites, ‘Faith Based Films’. The most recent, A Question of Faith, hit theaters two weeks ago and is now being featured in more than 600 theaters around the country.

A Question of Faith stars Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, Gregalan Williams, C. Thomas Howell, TK Stallings and many other notable celebrities. However, there is one direct difference in this specific Faith Based film from all the others. The producers of this film are African-American and all the financial investors for the film are African-American as well. The Executive Producer, Cameron Lewis, is originally from Gulfport, MS.

Lewis, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, now resides in New York City where he and Angela White, the movie’s producer, partnered to produce the project. After meeting at a Film Festival in Atlanta in 2015 Lewis convinced White to do a Faith Based Film. Both Lewis and White agree that Faith Based Films have an important role within today’s ever-evolving entertainment industry.

(L) Dr. Cameron Lewis and (R) Angela White

“Faith based films can give people inspiration and hope in our turbulent times,” said White.  “A Question of Faith deals with racial reconciliation at a time our country so desperately needs healing.  God sees our heart and we want people to understand that its not about the color of our skin.  God has the answers to all our troubles and if we lean and rely on him, we will have some comfort during these turbulent times,” she explained.In the movie, Pastor David Newman is a loving husband and father, set to take over his dad’s church while neglecting the promises he’s made to his 12-year-old son, Eric. Kate Hernandez is a spiritually driven single-parent and owner of a local restaurant. Her daughter, Maria, is a free-spirited teenager aspiring to be the first in her family to go to college. John Danielson is the owner of a failing construction company who sees his daughter, Michelle’s fledgling singing career as a way out of financial trouble. The lives of these strangers collide when two twists of fate strike back to back. The first: while texting and driving in her car, Maria accidentally hits Eric, which lands Maria in jail and leaves Eric’s family with an unthinkable dilemma. The second: while auditioning for a major record label, Michelle collapses, leading to a discovery about her health which rocks the very foundation of her father’s dream.

All three families find themselves at a crossroads, questioning their faith and the higher power that guides their lives. As each family member deals with their issues, their worlds start to intertwine. This leads to a chain of events which unknowingly brings the three families closer and closer together.

Will the families give in to the loss, pain, and uncertainty that has shattered their lives or will they find the tie that binds them all together through hope, trust, redemption and goodwill?

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