After going around the drive-thru at a Burger King, I finally get to the window and the worker says, “You’re going to have to pull up and wait for us…

Your Son Can’t Be Your Man


When you grow up in a religious home everything revolves around the church. Your whole life is centered around whatever activities the church has going on. In our home the church activities were superior over school functions. If they called for a PTA Meeting at the school on Mid-Week Bible Study Night, the school would miss my parents. If there was school basketball game at the same time of a church event we missed the basketball game. Needless to say, we grew up closer to our church friends than our school friends. That actually wasn’t a bad thing, though. In…

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Why People Cheat

The worst feeling in the world is the anger you get when you have been faithful to someone and you…


Hold It Together

For most people, all it takes is one bad week and it just spirals through every part of your life.…

Stealing Grapes

As kids we loved going to the grocery store with our Grandfather. He was an older man and he walked…

Radio Shack Kind Of Love

Do you remember going to K-Mart as a child? Many people may not remember but at one time Wal-Mart was…

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