Bose ear plugs are superfresh for the ‘sweaty people’

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Audio Tech continues to reinvent ways to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing society. I mean… they have to. As soon as one company drops something they think will change the game a month later another company drops a newer product that pretty much takes what you thought was the best to the next level. Now your thing is the old thing.

The key is to keep figuring out what will make your product better than what’s out there but also what will make anyone who comes after you have to implement what you introduced in everything they produce after you release yours.

Bose released their new Soundsport Free ear plugs. I can tell you right now… there’s a few things which bother the heck out of me but there are a lot of reasons to love these little guys.

  1. Sweat Ready. Yes, finally a pair of ear plugs that don’t slide out of your ear when you’re working out in the gym or simply because it’s hot outside. When you work out your head is usually the place you sweat first. Always. Ear sweat makes your ear plugs slippery and they get irritating to maintain. On top of that it only takes a few days of sweat for the plug covers to get nasty and maybe even attract the odor that’s only supposed to be under your arms! These little boogers hang on to your ear like branches on a tree. No sliding. No slipping.
  2. The Sound. I could be a little biased because I believe Bose has the best sound quality on the planet but pardon me if I must say… these bad boys sound GREAT! You won’t even believe they are ear plugs. They will shock you instantly with the clarity and the perfection of the loudness. I mean, if you’re like me, you’re one of the people who don’t expect to use your brain when you’re older. So, we like our music LOUD! These plugs will keep you lit you’ll be wondering why everything sounds so low when you take the plugs out!
  3. Clamps. Get your head out of the gutter. I didn’t say tramps. I said Clamps. No tramps come with these ear plugs. Just clamps. To the other brands… I know you’re wondering why consumers care so much about clamps. Well, lemme tell you… IT’S BECAUSE WE GET TIRED OF READJUSTING THE PLUGS IN OUR EARS ALL DAY! Each plug comes with a little rubber-like clamp that rests right under your inner ear lobe. It is so light you won’t even feel it but it locks the plug so well it doesn’t move. The clamp is worth $50 by itself.  Seriously. You will instantly feel the security in your ear.
  4. Charger. They give you about 6 hours to a charge from what I encountered. However, they come with this very light and unique charging case that you can carry with you for on the go charging. Actually, this little case is better than your phone charger. It lights up to tell you how much energy your case has available and it can charge your plugs twice if the case is filled to the max. Small enough to carry in your pocket or in a small purse/manbag. Now if we can get the phone companies to make something this reliable we’ll catch up to the Jetsons!

Left plug will be the red headed step child…

Bose is known to make a lot of great products but let’s just be honest. Not everybody is as brilliant as I am. I mean… I’m a freakin’ genius! I know I am… because if I had the money to make these things I would have definitely made sure the plugs had parallel responsibility. That’s one thing you’re going to hate about these ear plugs. The right ear plug has to ALWAYS be in your ear because it is the master plug. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you’re on a date or at a business meeting and the person on your right is the person talking to you and you can’t hear a thing they are saying because the right plug is blocking the sound. Ok… well lemme be honest. You’ll hear what they’re saying. It’ll just sound like you’re UNDERWATER on one side of your head.

Buttons will annoy you…

Also, because I’m so smart I would have never made the buttons so hard to press down. The control buttons are on the right plug and I swear it’s like trying to pull an ingrown hair out of your beard without tweezers. When someone calls you have to push a button. Well, I had to push it three times to answer. If you want the volume to increase there’s a button. I honestly kept forgetting which one was up and which one was down. Also, if you want to switch calls there is a button in the middle… oh… but it’s the same button you use for something else. The left plug… the one that obviously is not as important as the other one is the one you need to pair with a device. But, because you’re trained to depend on the right plug for everything it’s usually in the car or in my pocket and it’s very easy to forget about it until you’re listening to music and you want them both in your ears.

Waying the Odds…

If you work out a lot… they are a MUST BUY. Nothing better than these plugs on the market. However, if working out is not your general need for the plugs you may want to try something else. If you’re going to be using the plugs for hands-free talking and ordering your phone to perform tasks while you drive… they are ok but I don’t think they are the best fit. These things are super perfect for listening to music and working out. You’ll love them for that but there are better choices out there for the career person. These plugs were named purposefully… Sound+Sport.