Ro Wright to rally with citizens in Kenner, LA against Mayor’s Nike ban

The Loop

A ‘Walk In The Park’ is scheduled for Monday, September 10 at 5pm in Kenner, LA to display a united front among citizens of all races against a recent memorandum issued by the city’s Mayor Ben Zhan.

That Memorandum, signed by the Mayor himself, forbids any booster club from having events at any Public Recreation Center if youth/participants involved will be wearing clothing made by Nike. 

The action of the Mayor is in response to a recent Nike Ad with Ex-Football Star, Colin Kaepernick, as the center of their popular ‘Just Do It’ campaign. 

“It is unconstitutional to tell people what they can’t wear inside a facility that is paid for by taxpayers just because you don’t like the brand. It’s an abuse of power that should not be tolerated,” said Ro Wright, Author and Pastor in Slidell, LA. 

“Nike is the most popular athletic brand in the world. I’m not a researcher but judging by what I see, it is the choice brand of most of today’s youth. To exclude youth from a facility that their parents are paying for just because you don’t like a marketing decision by that company is an attack on real freedom,” Wright explains. “This is a real Anti-American move by that mayor in a city in which I lived for several years at one time. I know it is not the sentiment of all people in Kenner. It’s a simple act of an elected official abusing power.” 

Wright went on to explain Kenner has the highest Hispanic population in the State of Louisiana. It’s demographic of citizens is very diverse. “Certainly, the Mayor hasn’t taken a survey of all the opinions of the city’s complete base because I doubt it if the majority of Kenner views Nike the way he does.” 

Church groups and citizens responded immediately on social media and planned to meet up in the city’s premiere park to pray, walk, and display unity… wearing Nike. “The walk has nothing to do with Nike. It’s about protecting the rights of the people.”