African Queen shouts ‘Who Dat’ while visiting South Louisiana

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Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, ruler of the Democratic Republic of The Congo, visited the United States this weekend and toured South Louisiana. The Queen spoke at several events in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette. 

One of the highlights of her US Tour was an interview with Louisiana Public Figure and Author, Ro Wright.

“I was very impressed with how much she knew about South Louisiana. She is very educated on Louisiana culture and our rich history,” said Wright. “I told her in order to be officially adopted into the Louisiana family she had to chant Who Dat and with much enthusiam she shouted it out!”

The DRC is the second largest country in Africa. The Queen travels the world bridging cultural gaps and speaking about the importance of preserving the rich traditions and heritage of The Congo.

“When we use language we program our brains. We have never become slaves. We were always captive Africans,” she taught. “The people you called slavemasters were actually capturers,” she continued. During the interview The Queen expounded on how incorrect teaching or the lack thereof has trained Africans in America to misunderstand their own identity. “A Slave is a state of being. We have never been in that state. We were held in captivity. The state of being a slave is what they tried to teach you so you would think of yourself as a slave,” she continued.

The Queen metioned how Western Culture is so progressive that it influences Africa as well. “The difference between you and us is that you have access to resources and research. You may have to teach some of us how to be African again.”

Queen Diambi has a popular African clothing line and is very supportive of entrepreneurship. “I’d like to bring African music and food over here so Africans in America can learn about us and we can learn about you,” she said. “You don’t have to stop loving America to love who you are and where you come from. You can love them both.”

Tour Co-Ordinator, Troy Roberson Lee (Baton Rouge), is already working to bring Queen Diambi back for a ‘Congo Reunion in America’. Watch a snippet of the interview below. The extended video is available on Congo TV Network.