Why Cowboys fans are torn about Dez Bryant…

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I come in Peace. I already know this is a sensitive subject for most of you ‘Star’ people but take a minute and breathe. The world is not over. Hearing the news of Dez Bryant landing the greatest opportunity of his life broke the internet this week. Many of you guys are upset and actually you have very valid reasons to be mad. Big mad.

Fan Favorite

Even people who don’t like the Cowboys franchise agree with all of you on one thing… your owner is your problem. I don’t know what kind of dirt Jason Garrett has on Jerry Jones but it must be lethal. There is no way you let go of a player like Dez Bryant but keep a coach like Jason Garrett. Dez was the fan favorite of the franchise and quite frankly the only light left on the Offense. Newsflash… when Dez threw tantrums on the sideline he was only doing what all your fans were doing at home while watching that passionless display of athleticism on the field. To the rest of the world, he seemed to be the only player on that team who was tired of losing.

He never should have been let go in the first place. You don’t let go of the only player trying to produce results before you let go of the Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach who fails you year after year. Dez just didn’t get the group message when Jerry’s dirt was passed around so he got the axe.

The X Factor

It’s going to be hard for most of the Cowboys fans to watch Dez throw up his popular ‘X’ symbol after a touchdown. For a woman it’s like watching your ex-boyfriend find someone new and take her to the same restaurants he took you to or give her the same expensive gift he gave you at one time. Then, you look at what you’re left with and suddenly you realize you’re the one losing.

What makes it even harder is knowing you were stupid for letting him go but you can’t stand to see him happy with someone else. You start going over your steps. Why did I let him go? Was he not giving his all to the relationship? Yes. He was. Did he not show passion? Yes. He did all the time. Did he tell the world how much he loved me? Yes he tweeted about me all the time. Did he not give me great gifts? Yes. He was my scoring leader. Did we fight a lot? Yes but he never stopped trying to work it out though.  Well why did I let him go? My dad didn’t like him. 

Being Happy For Him Should Be Easy

This week we learned one very important truth about Cowboys fans. A lot of you guys are bigger fans of Dez Bryant than you are about the current state of your franchise. It’s quite understandable though. The franchise has only won three playoff games since 1996. The franchise has not won or even been to the Superbowl since 1996. Worse than that… the Cowboys haven’t been to an NFC Championship since then either.  Bruh! That’s over two decades of losing. The fans have a lot to be upset about but Dez should be the least of it.

Even Cowboys fans like the fire they see in Dez when he plays and if you’re honest you know you haven’t really seen that kind of collective team fire since Troy, Emmitt, and Irvin played for the franchise. 

Be happy for him. He is a good player who has landed a spot on a great team with a QB who will do him justice. It’s working out for him and hopefully he will get the ring all you Cowboys fans know deep down in your heart… he deserves.