Caught My Daughter Twerking

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It doesn’t take long for anything to become common anymore. Just a few years ago twerking was considered disrespectful. Well… it’s a common thing now. In fact, it’s so common they even have Twerkouts and Twerk Aerobics across the country now.

To many parts of the world it’s something new but the term ‘twerk’ actually came from New Orleans Bounce Rapper, DJ Jubilee, in the early 80’s. Back then, it was a descriptive title for the art of fast booty popping usually done to Bounce Music. Even in those days it was considered vulgar to the vast majority. Not today though… believe it or not, twerking is a normal thing.

The world is not going to end because you caught your daughter twerking. The world is not even going to end because you twerk. If we are honest, African women do similar moves around campfires or during village celebrations. It is part of the African culture and since the dance was introduced by African-American women, maybe it’s safe to say… it’s in our blood. However, the reason behind the gyration is where the concern lies. In Africa, it’s usually to celebrate. In America… it’s usually done to seduce.

I believe you really can firm up your thighs through Twerk Aerobics. It takes a lot of energy to do those moves so you’ll definitely burn some calories and work up a sweat. But, if you’re twerking to gain the attention of someone for sexual pleasure… that might be the problem. I mean, let’s keep it real… everyone has a ‘booty’. Even John Travolta shook his rump and nobody had a problem. David danced out of his clothes while worshiping God. But when a woman is half naked, gyrating sexually in front of man, with hopes of seducing him… yea… that part right there… that’s the part God has an issue with.

It’s not that God has a problem with a woman shaking her ‘booty’. God already knows what’s back there. He put it there! God’s issue with twerking is the presentation of lust. When a girl gyrates and ‘backs that thing up’ in front of a guy who puts his genitals against her butt and grinds on her as she twerks… that’s not dancing anymore. That’s having sex. 

If a woman is dancing in a lustful way in front of a man, he will eventually act on that lust. In the Bible, Herodias’ daughter, Salome, basically twerked in front of King Herod. She seduced the King’s mind so badly that he offered to give her whatever she wanted. She asked for John The Baptist to be killed and she is pretty much the reason the cousin of Christ was killed. (Mk 6:22).

The world is not going to end because a woman twerks. It doesn’t even mean she is going to hell. Not everything is a Heaven or Hell issue. It’s more about what we do to keep the Favor and Respect of God before we leave this level of existence.

Dancing is still a form of entertainment. It is still a form of social fellowship. But if your intention is to seduce somebody and entice them sexually with your body then the sin is not in the dance but more about your intention for doing the dance. Ultimately, if our behavior weakens the Faith of our brother/sister in Christ then we shouldn’t be doing it in their presence. 

Matthew 5:28

But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.