Fobbs builds his legacy, Bayou Classic win marks three in a row for GSU (50+ photos)

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Coach Broderick Fobbs came into a struggling Grambling Football program four years ago. Upon his arrival, changes were immediately made and his efforts have helped to turn the program around. While Grambling will always be known as the house that Coach Eddie Robinson built, and rightfully so, fans are witnessing the Fobbs era and what seems to be the brink of something great for North Louisiana and Tiger fans all over the world.

In Louisiana, Grambling and Southern, play their biggest game of the year in New Orleans each year during Thanksgiving Week. The ‘Bayou Classic” has been rejuvenated since it’s decline after Hurricane Katrina. Numbers are up and attendance continues to rise each year but another factor is the fact that both Grambling and Southern have credible athletic programs again. Each year, it seems the winner of this game attends the National SWAC Championship. However, for the past three years it’s been Grambling.

This year, Coach Fobbs found a way to continue his winning legacy after a late comeback which helped Grambling defeat Southern, 30-21.

Since the name, “Bayou Classic” was created in 1974, Grambling leads the series 23-21. Before the name became the “Bayou Classic” the schools played each other and Southern leads the Pre-Classic era 15-10. This game is a combination of fan comradary, HBCU supporters, and entertainment which draws more than 250,000 people to the New Orleans Metro Area each year. It brings an estimated $50M to the local New Orleans economy and the state of Louisiana.

Photos / Kita Wright (Proworks Productions)