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In Louisiana, there’s an unspoken rule. If you went to Southern University you can’t fall in love with someone from their cross-state rival, Grambling State University. The closer it gets to the Bayou Classic families talk much smack and friends start to draw the lines! Alana Boudreaux (Jennifer Jacbos) never imagined falling in love with her lawn guy, Jacari Jones (Reginald Robinson). When her family finds out he went to Grambling, her entire family tries to prohibit them from going out. Boudreaux is a Social Worker in New Orleans committed to helping a wrongfully convicted felon get back on his feet. Jones finds himself mentoring a High School Athlete who refuses to attend an HBCU even though Grambling has offered him a full scholarship. Inspired by the book from Ro Wright, Get The Ring Keep The Ring, Boudreaux and Jones fall in love despite their differences and they change the lives of everyone connected to them.


Reginald Robinson (The Have & The Have Nots, Queen Sugar, Black Lightning) and Jennifer Jacobs.


J. Andrieu Bilbo, Honey Green, Ro Wright, Gian F. Smith, Lundun Love, Tomme Denney, Harold Clay, Johnathan Hudson, Jr., Nyjia White, Jamal & Avery Smith, Casme Barnes, and Vickie Hayes.

Featured Appearances:

Comedian Jashad “Shaddy” McCoy, Comedian Blowfish, Artist Brandon “B Mike” Odum, Radio Personality Big Herc, Entrepreneur Greg Tillery, Mt. Zion Pilgrim Baptist Church, International Spoken Word Slam Champion Sha’Condria “Icon” Sibley, Poet Bumble Bee, Trinese Duplesis, and Chuck Perkins.

How To Watch ‘Get The Ring’…

It will begin streaming Oct 23, 2018 on Congo TV Network. Congo is a streaming network similar to Netflix or Hulu. You can find the channel on Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast. If you’re not very tech savy you can wach it on the Congo TV Network website or simply download the Congo TV Network app to your cell phone. It is a free app available for Android and iOS devices. There are two ways to watch the movie. If you have a subscription ($5.99/mth) you will be able to watch it commercial free. Without a subscription you can watch the movie for free with commercials.

Music Used In This Motion Picture Include:

“Try” by Keyondra Lockett, “Good Dude” by Mimi Dawn’e, “Giving Me Love” by Primetime feat Parterns N Crime, “What I’m Trying To Say” by Keith Jacobs, “Southern Girl” by PJ Morton, “Free In The Night” by Kristal Cherele, “You’re A Queen” by Favor Anointed Music, “Rollin’ Out” by Mario Abney.

Rated: PG-13

The movie contains a few scenes with strong language. There is no nudity, violence, or promotion of illegal drugs in this film. 

Written & Directed By:

Ro Wright