5 gifts under $50 guaranteed to make your man happy

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Not every man is the same but all men are tired of getting the same gifts each year. Most men already know his lady is going to buy him cologne. It’s the top gift for a man every year. Men do love cologone but just like women, men can also tell when no thought went into a gift.

Luckily, men don’t care too much about the price. For most men, gifts don’t have to be expensive or popular. One thing is true about every man… the gift just has to be relevant TO HIM.

Because every man is different, its impossible to categorize the interests of all men into one list but its possible your man will be satisfied with one or more things on this list.

Men are not like women. We don’t plan on telling our homeboys what you buy for us. It will never come up in a conversation at the gym. Women ask each other what their man bought them for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Men don’t really share that kind of detail with each other. So, a woman can actually spend $50 or less on a gift and her man will be actually ok with it. If it’s the right gift he will be easily satisfied.

1. Grooming Essentials

We always need a good pair of Liners. Neck hair and nose hair becomes irritating. When a mustache grows, sometimes it will scratch the edge of your lip. After scratching it a few times throughout the day it becomes annoying. Your dude should have a pair of liners. One in his car or bag and another one in the house. If your man wears a beard then look for beard moisturizer too. All men with beards want healthy beards and the moisturizer runs out quickly.

2. Paraphernalia

It’s going to sound cheap but it’s true. We will take anything with our team or greek’s name on it. T-shirts, pajamas, flip flops, caps… we’ll even take a thermal cup with our team/greek on it. Believe it or not they have floor mats for the car with teams on them. We can’t get enough stuff with our team/greek on it. Even if we already have it… we’ll take another one! A man will buy his woman a gift worth $500 and we’ll be satisfied with a pair of $10 socks with our team/greek’s name on it.

3. Liquor Set

Yep. That Hennessy box with the shot glasses or The Crown Royal gift set. Depending on what your man drinks, he won’t complain if you get him a top shelf alcohol gift set. You should have enough money left for a cuban cigar to go with it. If your dude is a wine guy find that one he keeps talking about. Women love to showcase shoes and purses. Men love to showcase their colognes but also their bottles.

4. Bags

The Man Bags are popular. Even though Coach and Fossil can be quite expensive you’d be surprised at the quality of the bags in retail spaces like Wilson’s Leather. A good leather tablet bag or leather computer bag will light your man up. The Messenger style bags are poppin’ these days. Your dude can keep his tablet, cologne, shades, deodorant, and cell phone charger in his bag. Backpacks are now a man’s personal bags. If he is a conservative brother get him a leather bag. If he’s athletic get him a gym bag/backpack… especially one with his favorite team’s name on it.

5. Firestick

If he doesn’t already have one this should be your first choice. The Amazon Firestick is more than just a streaming device. It allows you to personalize the things you watch according to your preference. Your man will be able to put all his favorite apps, shows, and movies in one place and he won’t even have to pay a cable bill to use it.

Some of you ladies have difficult men to please. I don’t know where you women find these mirror hawgs but if he is like that he is going to cause you many problems up the road anyway. It’s hard to please anybody, man or woman, who is egocentric. Every good man I know finds more pleasure in spending money on his woman than he does in seeing her spend money on him.

If you’re in a great financial place and you can afford to buy your man a Michael Kors watch or an Apple Macbook then by all means treat the brother like the King he is. However, if you are both climbing your way up a ladder of success you must think responsibly. A great gift for someone you love shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg.