If The Juice Is Good

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There is an obvious connection between an orange and orange juice, lemons and lemonade, apples and apple juice. Cranberry Juice doesn’t fall from the sky like morning dew. It comes from cranberries! Just about everything around us is a product made from something else.

Orange Juice can’t taste like lemonade. It shouldn’t even look like lemonade. You’ve never seen yellow orange juice. The color yellow is so synonymous with Lemonade that if I see a yellow gallon in the juice section I will instantly think it’s lemonade before I even pick it up. Just imagine going down the Dairy Isle at Wal-Mart and you see green milk. It’s probably not the milk you would purchase. You’d think it was something wrong with that milk because you’re programmed to see milk as White. The color of juice has nothing to do with the liquid itself. The product is the color of the fruit it came from.

We all have a physical name but every one of us have a Spiritual name too. We get so used to seeing people in the human form that we neglect to see who they are Spiritually. A person’s name may be Jessica but Jessica may be operating under a spiritual name called “Jealousy”. So, when Jessica backstabs you, there’s no sense in taking it all out completely on Jessica. That jealous spirit produced her action. You’re seeing what evil fruit looks like.

His physical name could be Victor but he may be operating under a Spiritual name called “Victim”. Everything in life is somebody else’s fault and he will use self pity to get over on everybody. When Victor plays the ‘victim’ on you, you’ll probably get mad at Victor (and rightfully so) but he has no control over his actions anymore. You’re seeing what evil fruit looks like.

People expect the enemy to wear a red suit with pointed horns on his head but Evil is a spirit and it produces it’s own fruit. You have to see the juice and know exactly what fruit it comes from. We haven’t been praying correctly. We pray for a person’s circumstance but if we don’t pray that God removes the improper spirit from them then that spirit will just continue to produce more evil.

We must also check ourselves to be sure we’re displaying the right fruit. If we say we know God people should be able to see God. We can’t say God then dress Evil. We can’t wear God but treat people evil. We can’t promote God but talk like the devil. That’s like seeing yellow juice expecting lemonade but when you taste it, it tastes like orange juice. The Spirit of God produces a different kind of fruit. When people see us they should see God. When they hear us they should hear God. It’s just like walking through the store seeing Orange Juice. You trust the juice is good because you recognize where it came from. 

Genesis 5:22-2322 But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!