How Birds Fly

Rotivation Blogs Strength Thread

One of man’s most addictive fantasies is the desire to fly. It’s the main reason Super Heroes are so exciting. Superman flies. Batman flies… almost all of them do. Kids jump off beds pretending to fly. A parent will stretch their arms out and zoom a baby through the house as if the baby was flying. Even the baby’s eyes light up with excitement because flying is that unbelievable. 

The idea is exciting but we all know people can’t fly. However, birds can. 

Birds have a few conditions working for them that humans do not have. Birds have wings. But, its not just that they have wings but more importantly how their wings are shaped. A Bird’s wings are designed such that air moves swiftly under their wings at an angle. With the right energy it creates movement. Now that “Wind Beneath My Wings” song probably makes more sense! 

The wind blows under but also above their wings. As the wings flap, it gives the bird mobility.  The bird’s weight is another factor. They are so small that they swiftly move with the blowing of the wind. Their bones are very hollow but their muscles are strong enough to flap their wings at a constant precision. Their lungs are uniquely designed to withstand the force of the blowing wind. 

Humans are too heavy to lift off and maintain in the air. We are not strong enough to flap while balancing the wind with the weight of our bodies. Our lungs are not equipped to handle the force of the blowing wind all at once. In order for humans to fly we have to be in an aircraft. Airplanes and Helicopters are built to do what birds do but its interesting, even with wings, a motor still has to make the aircraft move. Humans can’t fly on our own but we can fly if we’re attached to anything with wings which has the ability to control the force of the wind. 

I’ve always found it comforting to know God’s wings can lift me above my circumstance. I know it sounds cliche but God really is the ‘Wind Beneath Our Wings’. Through Christ we are able to fly above adversity and move through any strong force blowing at us. You can never overcome a situation on your own. You’re human. Humans don’t have wings. But if you focus on God, He can lift you right above everything you are dealing with.  Our Spirit comes from a Higher Place. The Spirit is used to the air. It’s our bodies that can’t maintain the pressure. If we think in the Spirit God will lift us up where we belong. 

Psalms 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.