Johnny’s Pizza to team up with Ro Wright to honor Most Improved Students in January

In The Community

Schools often award Honor Students but they seldom do enough for students who are working hard to improve. This January, students who have improved will be rewarded for their hardwork.

“I wasn’t a straight A student when I was young. Sometimes I worked very hard yet still made a B or a C,” said Ro Wright. “My wife and I wanted to do something to encourage the students who are trying very hard but are hardly recognized for their efforts.”

Brent and Marie Stewart, Owners of Johnny’s Pizza in Covington, LA, will partner with Ro Wright to honor students on the New Orleans Northshore who have improved. “Ro is a loyal supporter of Johnny’s and we love doing anything to help youth,” said Brent Stewart.

Wright is working with several schools already pledged to participate. The schools will select the students they’d like to honor. The students will get gifts and a Pizza Party.

“I have a huge social media support base. I asked people to donate to help us with this project and many of them made pledges,” said Wright. The students will be honored on Friday, January 18 to cooncide with a weekend of MLK events across the state sponsored by Ro and Sandria Wright.