Keyondra Lockett is ‘Dove’ ready, The Heal is epic

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All music connoisseurs wish for one thing when they buy a new CD. We hope it’s a project that will take us to another place. Musicians have become so EP-ish now that it’s actually hard to find a project with more than 3 quality songs on it. 

Keyondra Lockett’s new project, The Heal, is epic. I must warn you in advance. It’s going to be hard to pick a favorite on this one.

Lockett, a native of Shreveport, LA, knows all about waiting for the right season. It has arrived and her new project should be an easy fit for several categories in the upcoming awards season.

“Try” is a monster single! If your station isn’t playing this single I am questioning your expertise as a programmer. The track grabs you as soon as it begins. The lyrics are inspirational steroids to the mind. Her vocals just dance all over the popish-pounding beat like it’s a ballroom dancefloor.

“I Got Jesus” is…. well let’s just say…. 90% of the artists we esteem so highly could not vocally execute like Lockett did on this song. It’s a clash of old Soul and contemporary skats with a simple message to bless your Spirit. You will play it again and again mesmerized by her vocal acrobatics.

“The Water” is the usher for this project. The rhythm puts you in a zone similar to Mary Mary’s “God In Me”. It just has that vibe that can easily be mistaken for the trendy sound of today’s fast growing TrapSoul genre but the lyrics constantly remind you… ‘this is still a Jesus record’. Her ability to take an old spiritual (“Take Me To The Water”) and transform it to a contemporary masterpiece is incredible. Then, as if we hadn’t already been slain enough, this gymnist of a vocalist had the audacity to embed “Near The Cross” in the mix with it and it never lost its pace. Just incredible!

If I gave you 3 seconds “Real Love” will have already grabbed your attention.  It’s just that serious of a hit record. Again… that consistent contemporary R&B feel with a Holy Ghost twist on it. However, it won’t be the root of the song that traps you. It will be the vamp (Real Love 2.0) that messes you up. The song mellows out as she kidnaps you and holds you hostage to her jazzitional escapade. She does it so effortlessly. Her vocal ability is like a kid jumping on a trampoline. It’s so easy to do that it’s hard to leave it alone.

“Persuaded” will steal your heart at first take. The hook is really a ‘hook’ because you will find yourself singing this song throughout your day. While it has that old 90’s R&B swag to it, Lockett laces it down with some heavy traditional Gospel vocals. It will melt you and bless you simultaneously.

“Heavenly Father” is that straight up Gospel sanging that you can only get at a Black Church funeral program.  (You know singers tend to go the extra mile at church funerals. lol) It picks up where Aretha Franklin left off and presses on little higher. She even included an old Mississippi Mass Choir riff at the end that will take you back to your childhood. This one is definitely a classic. 

All the songs on The Heal are dynamic in their own right. Every day your favorite will change. As awards season creep upon us there shouldn’t be any problem placing this project as a primary contender in several categories. If the Dove Awards accepted my submission, here is what Keyondra Lockett is due easily:

Contemporary Christian Artist, Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album, Artist of the Year, Songwriter/Artist of the Year, Song (Try)

The Heal is now available on all download sites. Take a listen to “The Water”.