Guess Where I Found My Wallet

The Daily View

I will walk before I pay $400 to fly somewhere that’s only 5 hours away. There is a definite need for more regional carriers in this country. Until then, I will ride a horse across state before I pay that kind of money to fly. I needed to make a last minute trip to Atlanta. No way you can beat a roundtrip for $55 on Megabus.

If you’ve never rode Megabus before let me tell you. The Megabus only makes three stops along your route. Its MUCH different than Greyhound or Trailways. It feels as if Greyhound stops to pick up new people at every freaking red light and for some reason Greyhound just smells like an ashtray. Megabus… three stops, wifi, and a very cool skyview.

The only bad thing about a bus is you’re so close to these strangers for 5-6 hours that if you turn your head you’d kiss the person next to you. A simple cough by someone sitting behind you feels like you’re in one of those charity clinics. It’s like being in a lion’s den. You’re sitting there expecting one of them to bite you at any moment.

Out of the three stops on Megabus, one of the stops is not even a pickup. Its a 15 minute truck stop. We pulled up to the Love’s Truck Stop at 2am and I used the bathroom before looking at the usual aisle of gadgets they sell in the truck stops. You know… like the cool cigarette lighter, the funny shaped headphones for $9.99, or the universal phone charger they swear will charge your phone up to 80% (lies). lol

I am an orange juice drinker. It’s religion for me. I will look through every cooler just to find my favorite orange juice. Tropicana reigns supreme but not every store carries Tropicana. When they don’t it forces me to debate for 10 minutes over which second rate juice I should get… Minute Maid, Ocean Spray, or that other off brand looking one. What is most disappointing about myself is that I keep wasting 10 minutes of my life everytime there is no Tropicana and I ALWAYS go with Minute Maid.

After finally deciding to go with the second best juice that I literally go with every single time I do this I give the juice to the cashier to ring up and I realize my wallet is not in my backpocket. I pat my right butt cheek because I can’t believe my wallet is missing and the butt cheek pat down confirmed to my one track 2am 1/3 of a brain… YOUR WALLET IS MISSING!

I go back to the bathroom and its not there. I go back by the juice cooler and its not there. I check the aisle by the Gourdettes (my favorite snack) and its not there. I rush back to the bus to the reserved front seat that I paid an extra $5 for (hey I’m too ‘bougie’ to sit in the back by the bathroom door) and my wallet was lying there in my seat.

Of course I looked in it to make sure all my cards were there. Of course I looked at everyone sitting in the adjacent seats like they stole something out of my wallet. Of course I grabbed it real quick and put it back in my pocket. I can’t help it my mama is light skinned!

After I went back in to pay for my juice I returned to the bus and it hit me. Any one of them could have stolen my wallet and they didn’t. At least 5 people were still sitting on the bus and they all knew my wallet was on the seat. Why didn’t they take it? There are no cameras on a Megabus. Were they afraid of being ratted out by another person at risk of being thrown off the bus?

But just maybe… maybe they didn’t touch it because not everyone is evil. This world is so trumped that we tend to expect the worst in each other but deep down inside the ugly roots of this country there is still a remnant of people who believe good comes to those who do good.

Maybe they didn’t even notice it because they were all distracted by their cellphones or just asleep. Afterall it is a huge mobile lions den. God didn’t stop the lions from being lions when Daniel was in the lion’s den. He just caused the lions to go to sleep so their common instincts wouldn’t cause them to harm who God had His hand on.

God can distract every lion around you just long enough to deliver you out. He gave lions the capability to bite but when His and is on your life those lions also know who is off limits.