Metro Church NOLA

The First Family

Pastor Roosevelt Wright, sometimes called “Pastor Ro” or “Hero”, and his wife Sandria Wright are very energetic and engaging leaders. They have kept a personal commitment for more than a decade to building not only the people attracted to their local ministry efforts but around the country as well.

Pastor Ro is an accomplished businessman, well traveled, Author, Poet, and Life Coach with a passion for building Marriage and pushing Men to their highest potential. He has been featured on HBO, MTV, Fox Sports, Ebony Magazine, and TBN for his impressive career in making an impact on the lives around him.

He began in ministry at a young age in his father’s church in Monroe, LA. Tabernacle Baptist Church taught him the basics of Christianity and planted the seeds that would later produce fruit all over the world. For 17 years, he was a popular Radio Personality, Community Activist, and Minister in the Greater Shreveport area of Louisiana. After building a congregation in Shreveport for 5 years, he and his wife accepted a greater opportunity to work in Ministry in New Orleans in 2009.

At 41 years old, his resume is quite impressive.

  • State Leader for the Louisiana Baptist Youth Encampment Association for more than 10 years.
  • Youngest recipient of the Amistad Leadership Award.
  • Two Time Golden Mic Award Winner for Public Speaking.
  • National Baptist Convention Spoken Word & Contemporary Arts Contributor
  • Member of the Clergy Circle at Tabernacle Baptist Church for 8 years.
  • Member of the Clergy Circle and Church Leadership team at Household of Faith for 3 years.
  • Youth, Men, Marketing, and Marriage Ministry at Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral over a span of 5 years.
  • Youth, Dramatic Arts, Evangelism, and Spoken Word Leader at Mt. Olive Baptist Church for 5 years.
  • Spoke in more than 235 schools, churches, and community events in one year. (2013)
  • Assisted the Church of God in Christ, Full Gospel, and Baptist Fellowships with Marketing and Ministry Enhancements throughout the State of Louisiana.
  • Has starred in more than 30 Gospel Stage Plays. Wrote and Directed 4 of his own.
  • Studied, licensed, and prepared for Ministry Leadership under the respected Dr. Larry Hood.

Sandria is well accomplished in Business. Having managed several retail outlets all over Louisiana she learned the basics of Accounting and Management, two qualities that would later position her to assist her husband’s ministry efforts. Having climbed her way up the ladder within the Capital One Banking system she learned valuable principles to build the business side of their Ministry efforts.

She is very personal and humble. Members know her to be a great listener with very good discernment. She has extensive experience working with Youth and Women having assisted her husband in many of his Ministry Positions. They both are very big advocates for Marriage. It’s the one area of ministry they are both most comfortable. They were pinned to be Marriage Counselors on a Reality Show that they pitched, “Young & Married In New Orleans”. The two offer Marriage workshops and retreats all over the country.

Pastor Ro and Sandria are parents first. They have two very talented sons, Cadence (oldest) and Ethan (youngest). Residents of Slidell (New Orleans Northshore), they made New Orleans home years ago and have been very engaged in the Boy Scout District, New Orleans Mission, the award winning NOLA Spoken Word Community, Dillard University, The New Orleans Pelicans/Saints Community Outreach divisions and several other areas of the Metro.

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