New single by Mimi Dawn’e written by Ro Wright goes viral

Music The Loop

When Mimi Dawn’e heard #45 refer to Omaraso as a ‘dog’, like many Black Women, she was shocked. She told her producer, Ro Wright, how she felt about it. Ro worked a song called “Real Woman” and worked with Kelvin Brown and Sean Keys to produce the track for it. 

“It’s unfortunate any woman has to be ridiculed by the highest power in the country. Women have been treated this way for years. We thought this record would be a great opportunity to nurture strength among women of color all over the world,” said Wright.

Dawn’e’s vocals are intensely engaging and soulful. The lyrics boldly proclaim “I’m A Real Woman, I’m a Strong Woman, A Fine Woman… That Black Girl Magic ‘got me winning everything.”