New book from Ro Wright to highlight the struggle of a Southern Black neighborhood in the 80’s

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Acclaimed Author, Ro Wright, is set to release his first book in four years. THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR is a Fiction Novel set in the 80’s. It’s the story of a Southern Black Neighborhood’s struggle to maintain despite the trials and circumstances which change the landscape of their community.

A young woman inherits millions after finding out her grandmother owned many rental properties in the neighborhood where she grew up. She has the option to sell the land for a fortune or rejuvenite the homes and rebuild the community. The memories of her childhood in the 80’s is filled with laughter, love, murder, blood, racism, fights, music, church, and most importantly…family.

You will be mesmerized by the colorful characters in this fictional story set in a rural Louisiana subdivision called Pinchback Heights. You will swear you know every character and many of them will remind you of someone in your own family. The story paints a clear picture of how National events in the 80’s impacted local communities all over America. As Gentrification continues to plague urban neighborhoods which were once progressive Black living networks, this story will open your mind to the real deprivation of the thriving Black Community.

The story brings light on the division between Light Skin and Dark Skin Women in the 80’s, the effect Jesse Jackson made on the Black Community when he ran for President, the spread of California Gang Culture into southern Black neighborhoods, the Crack epidemic which destroyed families, how Michael Jordan’s shoes became ‘Blood Diamonds’ for poor kids, how Dementia purged it’s way into inner cities across the world, Oprah’s impact on working Black women of the 80’s, how Hip Hop became the soundtrack of the Black struggle, and how the church was once the empire of every Black neighborhood. The story even includes Freaknik in the early 90s, Rodney King, and the OJ Simpson Trial. All of these events of the 80s and early 90s changed the the face of the  African-American Community.

This story will have you laughing continuously, crying at times, and filled with rage. It will leave you hopeful and inspired to recapture the very essentials which have made the Black community the unique circle of strength it is today. The Hope Is Still Alive.

Release Date: 

March 15, 2019


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  1. Just the intro you gave “IS” a Best Seller! I can follow you through the places and time you speak on and to feel the “being in the moment” of your story. It remind me of the time I met and hung out with Muhammad Ali in the Windy City Gym in Chicago ( my home town 1979) …Can’t wait for my autographed copy!! I know it will be Amazing!! Thank you RoWright👊

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