The People Next Door Digital Download


Instructions for the Digital Download

If you won a free Digital Download for the book, The People Next Door, the link is below. In order to view the PDF on your computer/tablet you must download the PDF from the following link and then upload it to your tablet/phone as a document. If you are on a desktop then simply click on the link below to download the PDF. Once you have downloaded the PDF it should open on your desktop.

Download Link will only be available for 48 Hours on this site. It has been pre-coded to only download once by each individual with this link.

  1. Once you Download from the link below it will connect to the book viewing site online. In the top right corner you will see a tab that says OPEN WITH.

2. Click on the arrow right beside ‘OPEN WITH’. A dropdown menu will appear. At the bottom of the Dropdown menu you will see the option to ‘DOWNLOAD‘. Click Download and the book will download to your computer. Sometimes the Download button will be in the header right next to ‘Open With’ that looks like three dots.

Click Here To Download Your Book