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After going around the drive-thru at a Burger King, I finally get to the window and the worker says, “You’re going to have to pull up and wait for us to bring your order out.” When you’re really hungry you don’t want to wait for your food. That’s the whole purpose of choosing a ‘Fast Food’ Restaurant!

Waiting is so hard because it takes control away from you and places that control in the hands of someone else. I HATE having to depend on other people. The most excruciating pain in the world is not in the dentist’s chair. It’s having to hop a ride with someone else and sit through all their errands before taking you where you need to be. You’re waiting and waiting and waiting while at the mercy of someone else because currently they are in control.

Sometimes, we pray to God and we expect an instant answer. However, God doesn’t always answer immediately. Some revelations require a waiting period. We have to be isolated and focused, totally available for God to empower us Spiritually. For many of us, because we are so occupied by everything else in the world, God has to clear the table before He serves the meal. God’s slow response to our prayers is not to make us anxious and impatient. The greater reason is to put us on His pace. If you’re moving too fast His answer may come to you slowly… but that’s On Purpose.

I remember praying to God about moving to another city. I had been asking God should I move to another city for almost two years and never clearly received an answer from God. Then, one day… I promise…. an unusual sunlight shined very brightly in our bedroom window. I mean it was brighter than I had ever witnessed during sunrise. I stood against our bedroom windowpane in amazement at how beautiful it was. In that moment, a calmness just overwhelmed me. A voice in my Spirit told me, “I am giving you a window. Either move now or quit complaining about it.”

It wasn’t a deep, loud, Barry White kind of voice but it was a feeling.  A Spiritual Intuition which affirmed my longing to move. It knew it was finally ok to take a leap of faith. That move turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

So, here I am about 9 years later with several career opportunities on the table. I’ve been praying to God to know which route He approves. I’ve asked the people who are offering me the opportunities to give me time to respond and they have been very patient. Yesterday, one of the interests asked me, “How much longer must we wait for an answer?” I told them if they needed to go with someone else it would be fine but I couldn’t give them an answer until I had heard from God. I still haven’t heard from God about it.

When you have heard from God before and witnessed the great increase which comes from waiting on God, you will wait as long as it takes from that day forward. If you’ve been praying and still haven’t gotten a clear answer, keep waiting. Wait until people think you’re crazy. Wait until it seems like every door is closing. You don’t need all of them… just the right door. Wait and pray… then overwait and pray again.

When God tells you to move you will feel it down in the core of your bones and it won’t matter what anyone tries to say about your decision. You will know when your decision is approved by God and it is all in God’s plan.

Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

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