Parlay founder, Ro Wright, explains why new partnership with Cash App will ‘open the floodgates’

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Hinting at the brand through hashtags for almost two months, Ro Wright (Author and Filmmaker), will launch his signature brand, Parlay, this month.  He and his wife, Sandria, have been preparing for the launch for nearly a year. “This isn’t our first time venturing into clothing,” said Ro. “We wanted to make sure we had solutions to many of the problems which prevented our continued success in our first attempt,” he added.

The Wrights launched their Flawless Clothing Brand in 2014. Completely selling out of stock, it made no sense that the company failed to continue. “I mean… who sells out of everything and still has to go out of business?” said Ro. Flawless did so well that some customers received their products more than a month after they ordered due to backorder. Ro explained two issues that he and his wife were forced to learn about the small apparel industry.

“One of our main issues was having to pay another company to print every piece of merch we designed. The overhead continued to increase. Because we tried to keep our products affordable we didn’t make much profit.” The couple of 17 years have corrected that problem by getting an investor to purchase the equipment needed to make their own merchandise. “We’ve been blessed to have great people in our life who know what we are able to do with the right opportunity,” said Sandria. “Flawless taught us we could do it but it also taught us how we have to do it to succeed in this,” she continued. They still get emails from supporters who want new Flawless products. Parlay will re-distribute the Flawless line including several new pieces.

Perhaps the greatest challenge they faced with Flawless was the lack of simple payment options. Mobile Financing has evolved since 2014. Then, you had to swipe cards on the spot with a Square or a PayPal Here mobile swiper. However, many times the accessories would not work in venues with low or no Wi-Fi. Then, there were few banking apps. Today, there are options.

Square’s Cash App has become the most popular form of mobile payment. Even though Cash App has been successful with personal accounts it hasn’t been as successful attracting business accounts. One reason is due to the fact that there is no Cart Option within Cash App. “This is a very big opportunity for us because there are millions of people who use Cash App but there haven’t been many ways to use it with online retail,” said Ro. “We have come up with a system that will make Cash App Payments a primary option for our customers. It has the potential to open the floodgates for our company.”

Every product on the Parlay site will come with a Cash App Code. Customers can purchase those items by sending payment to Parlay’s Cash App account: $parlaystore.  Customers will be prompted to enter their address, size, and product code in the comments when they make a purchase. The company’s system is set up to automatically reply to the buyer with a receipt for their purchase. “Most people don’t like the process of going through PayPal or keying in card info. It’s much easier to just store our cash app name in their phone and pay in 10 seconds,” said Ro.

While customers will still be able to pay with their credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Shopify options… the Cash App alternative will make Parlay available to millions who prefer to purcahse products through social media platforms rather than using the traditional banking options.

“We are in it to win it this time. We know our fans and supporters will appreciate a more convenient way to support our brand,” said Ro. The Parlay Store is expected to launch on June 16 at and on the company’s Facebook Page.