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  1. A Playboy Interview with John Wayne from 1971 has gone viral. In that interview he said he was a White Supremecist. A jounalist in Orange County, California has called for their John Wayne Airport to be renamed. Do you think the airport should be renamed or should they just leave the past in the past? Call the number above at any time and tell Ro why in 2 minutes or less. 
  2. Fortnite Killers. Ro will discuss what parents can do to keep their kids from being addicted to Fortnite and video games without completing stripping them from the pastime they enjoy. How do you balance out fun time with constructive pastimes? Many parents are finding their kids have used their credit card to buy Vbucks for the game. Have you had any of these unfortunate situations with your kid? What are some of the things you and your kid do to stay focused? Call the number above and tell Ro why in 2 minutes or less.


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