Radio Shack Kind Of Love

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Do you remember going to K-Mart as a child?

Many people may not remember but at one time Wal-Mart was not the ideal shopping center. It was K-Mart. I used to go to K-Mart every Friday when my dad paid us for our weekly responsibilities. Friday was my day to hit up K-Mart and buy the latest R&B tape. We didn’t have cds then and the tapes would normally cost like $22. Sometimes even more. Today, you can download a whole project for $9.99 on iTunes or Google Play.

When Wal-Mart became more established K-Marts begin to vanish. Seems Wal-Mart had everything you needed plus Wal-Mart had something K-Mart didn’t have…. groceries! Wal-Mart matched what K-Mart offered but with more choices thus running them out of business in many cities.

Today, I don’t shop for music as much. I love technology more. I guess there’s some truth to what they say. Electronics are the Big Boys’ Toys!  Here’s the thing though… I find myself trusting Best Buy, Fry’s, Circuit City and other large stores for all my electronic interests. These stores are so appealing and they look like they have everything you need.

Recently, my lil’ brother needed an RCA cable for his speaker system. Best Buy didn’t have it and neither did the other large and popular electronic retailers. In the old days we would get something like this at a little store called Radio Shack. 

Radio Shack specialized in the little things.  Sometimes you just need 2 batteries instead of 15 in a pack. Sometimes you just want one single cable, not the whole modem. Sometimes you just need an adapter and not the whole monitor. Popular stores don’t specialize in these little things but Radio Shack did.

Wal-Mart demolished K-Mart because it captured what they offered and added more. Larger electronic stores have done well maximizing but they have failed to capture the little things that Radio Shack used to provide. 

Have a closer look at your relationship. New and bigger things may look appealing but things aren’t guaranteed to be better because they look better. He may give you money but does he make you feel valuable? He may buy you the new perfume but does care about your goals? She may look good but does she make you feel good about yourself? She may be fine but is her conversation as healthy as her body? 

She may live with you but are you really part of her mind throughout the day. He may plan a romantic weekend but does he include you in his future plan? You may talk around each other but do you talk to each other? Love is never the grand things we do to impress each other. Real love is compiled within all the little things we do to build each other. 

These little things are very valuable. As time goes by you’ll begin to notice how the big stores appear to have everything you want but many times they missing what you need. Don’t let the convenience of the Best Buy run your Radio Shack out of business. Little things won’t matter until you don’t see them anymore.

1 Peter 4:8

And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.”