Men’s event in Rayville, LA features Ro Wright as keynote speaker

In The Community

Most churches have a Men’s Day at least once a year. For most Southern Baptist churches, it falls on Father’s Day. This year, Pastor Timothy Tennant, tried something different. He honored men in the rural town of Rayville, LA on the week following Father’s Day. “We can not limit the celebration of honest, hardworking, men to one day of the year. I decided to honor strong men on Father’s Day and for the remainder of the month,” said Rev. Tennant.

Tennant has seen rapid growth at New Direction Baptist Church along the main street of Rayville. “We celebrate women and youth quite often in the Church, but it is important that all churches continue to build and empower men. A community with no male role models won’t ever reach it’s full potential.”

Tennant invited Author and Film Director, Ro Wright, to be the speaker for New Direction Men’s Day. “Ro emobies what it means to be a strong father and an entrepreneur. I knew he could offer our brothers hope,” said Tennant. Wright, a native of Monroe, LA (about 15 miles from Rayville) hadn’t been to Rayville since he was a kid. “It was great to visit the city. I saw a few people I recognized from the Baptist Youth Encampment when I was a youngster,” he remembered. “There are good men in our communities. Sometimes we overlook their contributions to their families, the workplace, and especially in the church,” said Wright.

The People Next Door author spoke about having an internal fire. “We must remember where our fire comes from. We can’t afford to allow the wolrd to motivate us. We’ve got to be inspired by something greater than the world,” he explained. “The world will burn out but the power of God is a consuming fire that will wake you up and push you towards greatness every day.”