Jussie Smollett scam is an insult to Civil Rights past and present

The Daily View

With each news update surrounding the Jussie Smollet case it’s hard not to get more disgusted than we were with the previous news update. For most people, the story was questionable from the beginning. It’s very hard to believe White Supremecists are roaming the streets of Chicago at 2AM when the weather is below zero looking for a specific gay Black man to torture. Supposedly, they put a noose around his neck, beat him up, drowned him in bleach, and yelled racial/homophobic slurs at him. They also yelled “MAGA” rants while doing it… supposedly. MAGA referencing the popular slogan from Trump’s Presidential Campaign, ‘Make America Great Again.

In this highly sensitive era of racial tension most people generally gave Jussie’s recounts a fair share of believability and stood up for him when he first reported what happened to him. As the story unraveled it started swaying from the ‘it makes sense’ side of the room to the ‘something doesn’t sound right’ corner. When Jussie sat down with Good Morning America’s Robyn Roberts it was the moment which should’ve magnetized people to him but his appeal on the ABC morning show negelected to do the job. Instead, the interview just birthed even more doubt about the story in general.

What Doesn’t Add Up?

It simply doesn’t make sense to me. A celebrity walks to Subway for a sandwich at 2AM? That was strike one. Either he doesn’t know how big his Empire success is or either I have overrated his success but I would assume the star of one of TV’s biggest shows would not be walking alone on the street for a sandwich at 2AM in freezing weather.  I mean.. they have Uber Eats, Waitr, and ummm MANAGERS for that! If we don’t go any further with his story we can stop right there. Those racist Nigerians must’ve known he would be hungry at 2AM to wait on him by a bench. They must’ve known he would wake up in his sleep and have a taste for Subway. Puh-lease!

Second… for me. I just have a hard time accepting racist white supremecists pouring bleach on him, beating him up, tying a noose around his neck, then leaving the job unfinished. If we go back throughout American History when white supremecists go this far it usually ends with the Black guy hanging from a tree, thrown in a river, or buried in field somewhere. I don’t know many stories where they start the job and get halfway through it to decide… Nah let’s hold up. If we kill him it’s going to mess the rest of the season of Empire up. Let him go!

Finally, he claimed to be on the phone with his manager during the whole attack but when the police asked for his phone he would not give it up. If I have proof of my account on my phone I would have no problem giving it up. He claims he had private photos, phone numbers, and texts on the phone that would ruin the confidentiality of his celebrity friends if the information was leaked. Well, I would have to stand next to the police. Let them go right to the phone log and view the time logs. That’s all they wanted. Then, he could get his phone back with all his freaky pictures on it.

Smollett’s Attackers

The Icing On The Cake

To top it all off police now have released the two men who actually did it. They are Nigerian brothers who actually train Smollett. They have confirmed Smollet paid them $3500 days prior to the attack and even gave them $100 to buy the supplies to stage the attack. I tried my best to give the Empire star the benefit of the doubt because Hate Crimes truly get under my skin. However, Fake Crimes are worse than Hate Crimes.

The Shame

Smollett was making around $64k per episode on Empire. He was due 9 episodes this season. This scam was not worth losing such a promising career. He was slowly becoming the voice for the voiceless and a rising icon in the making. Scandals like this one are hard to recover from because they tend to hover above your career like a dark cloud. People never forget the bold and blatant lies.

Researchers estimate nearly 60 Million slaves were killed during slavery in the mid-passage, in Africa, and on plantations. Some researchers estimate even more. Millions of Blacks were killed during the Civil Rights era. Gays have witnessed similar tragic events throughout history as well. What makes this case so disappointing is that both Blacks and Gays share the same struggle for acceptance and equality in America. He has been a bridge between both comminities being he is an openly gay Black man.

If Smollett contracted this whole scam it is shameful and disgusting. It’s an insult to the millions of Africans who were killed fighting for freedom. It’s a travesty to the millions of gays who have been bullied, beaten, killed, burned, and murdered while fighting gender inequality in America. A scam like this insinuates others could be lying about their attacks as well. This one case could possibly drag the rhythm of progress made by organizations and activists who have been on the frontline making the case for the seriousness of injustices in America.

As this case continues to unravel there is a chance it could get messier and uglier. Whichever way the wind blows with this one it has been an unfortunate nightmare for leaders who put their lives on the line seeking justice in the path of injustices. Rightfully so, most people will regret to admit it but we have to… This was also an unfair attack on Trump supporters. They are easy to dislike because of the past rhetoric many of them have produced but no one deserves to be blamed for a crime they obviously didn’t commit.

The Blame

If the Judge confirms the Police reports that the attack was orchestrated by Smollett himself then there is a deeper issue here. Social Media and Popular Relevance is at such a high demand that celebrities are willing to stoop to the lowest of lows just to gain attention to themselves. They do it all the time. They get a divorce and gain headlines on the tabloids. They cheat on their spouses and get the beginning segment of Entertainment Weekly. They get into a Twitter War with another celebrity and TMZ covers it word for word. Stunts are normal in Hollywood. Publicists leak info about celebrities to keep their names floating in the news. Maybe this is what Smollett was hoping to gain but if you’re going to pull a scam like this you can’t leave so many clues which all lead back to you.