Technology Will Evolve The Church


Seminar Notes:
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT)

For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.

Change Is Inevitable.

One of the reasons many of our churches are stagnant is because many of us neglect to evolve with the times. Society is constantly evolve and if we aren’t going to evolve with it, it will evolve without you. We must begin with relearning the impact that our words have on our ability to improve. The word “change” itself implies something is wrong. If you like something you don’t want be told what you like is wrong!

Let’s replace “change” with “evolve”.

Evolve simply means to progress what you’re already doing so that the impact can be even greater.


Society has been trained to get things quicker. We can’t afford to get upset about this. It’s actually not as bad as you think it is. While it implies people are very impatient it also means they can retain information and execute responsibilities much faster. Think about when the microwave came out in the late 70’s. By the 80’s, it was a common appliance in most households. We were trained to cook faster. Now, they have something called Instant Pot that has upstaged the microwave. It’s even faster. However, the thing we have to look at is the fact that the microwave is so common now that you hardly go anywhere and it’s not available to you.



Attendance has always been considered a body sitting in a pew. We can no longer factor attendance according to bodies in a pew. Personalization has evolved. What we used to consider personal or intimate is not received that way by this generation. People don’t go out to meet each other anymore. They have dating sites for that. People don’t call each other anymore. They have texting for that. People don’t send letters in the mail anymore. They have email for that. People don’t go to the movie theaters anymore. They have streaming apps for that now. People don’t even go out to eat as much anymore. They have Waitr for that.

Bible Study has to evolve to a Facebook Group and we can’t be offended it people don’t come to the church facility to study the bible. They don’t even have to go to a college campus anymore. They have online classes. They have been programmed to view the internet as their primary source of communication. We shouldn’t waste time competing with it. We must adapt to it. You stand a better chance of getting 100 people to attend Bible Study in a Facebook Group than you do getting them to actually come to the building for the exact same lesson. If the point is to get the Word out and grow them spiritually then does it really matter if they get it online or sitting in a pew?


Matthew 18:20 (KJV)

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

This a picture of what most of us growing visualizing as the perfect church. It’s the place in our neighborhood where people meet weekly and worship God. The ugly truth about this place is that it is a Dinosaur.


In the 80’s, communities changed. People began moving out of the predominately Black neighborhoods near their church into new developments in other parts of the city. The church which was once the centerpiece of a neighborhood became the place most of the members drove back to on Sundays just to have service. many of them moved out of the heritage neighborhoods and the neighborhoods closests to the old church entered dilapidation. Most of the Pastors don’t even live near their churches anymore.

It’s easy to see this as a negative truth but we must retrain our minds to just see it as the simple truth. People don’t live down the street from the church anymore. Knowing this, we must also accept that not every member of our church has to be in the vacinity of the church anymore. Living across town is no different than living across the country. Neither is fully engaged in the neighborhood near the church.

Mars Hill Church was a Christian megachurch, founded by Mark Driscoll, Lief Moi, and Mike Gunn. It was a multi-site church based in Seattle, Washington and grew from a home Bible study to 15 locations in 4 U.S. states.[1] Services were offered at its 15 locations; the church also podcast content of weekend services, and of conferences, on the Internet[2] with more than 260,000 sermon views online every week.[3] In 2013, Mars Hill had a membership of 6,489 and average weekly attendance of 12,329.

HOW DID THEY HAVE 12,329 IN ATTENDANCE EVERY WEEK but only half of them actually joined the church? It’s because this generation equates attendance as membership. The days of getting people to walk down an isle and make a speech are over. This generation does not believe they have to be in your city or even in your pews to be a member of your church. If a church has 4 satellite campuses that’s no different than sitting at home watching the service on Facebook Live. They equate that as “attendance”.

You don’t have to know the church’s address to get the Pastor’s address.

3. The Method

John 1:3 (NLT)

God created everything through him,
and nothing was created except through him.

When we use the word “Traditional” to you it means you are conservative but to this generation, “traditional” means you’re stuck in your ways. We can still protect the traditional message of God without rejecting new methods of receiving that message.

In 2018, the #1 downloaded Bible App was the YouVersion. 330 Million people had that particular bible downloaded on their phones. We can not look at this as a bad thing. It’s not the traditional bible but it is the same bible. Does it matter if it were on paper or on a screen? How do you think Moses would feel about these paper bibles you are so addicted to? He didn’t have that! Do you think the Sanhedrin is mad about people actually having access to the work of the scribes at all times? NO! They wanted people to know and obey the laws. What’s a better way fo getting people to respect the information than to put it in front of them at all times?

Not only must the bible be on cellphones but so should access to the full ministry. Bible Study, Sermons, Podcasts, Prayer Line, Announcements, Tithing…. if it’s not going to be on phones and tablets YOU WILL NOT REACH THIS GENERATION.


Music Ministry:

The average church spends more money on the music ministry than we do on outreach. Stems are saving ministries thousands of dollars to provide the same fulfillment.

Stem Tracks can be found here.


This generation does not carry cash and many are pulling away from bank accounts. Online mediums have taken over. Cash App is the new means of transferring money.

Cash App can be found here.


There is an app for everything you can imagine. Form a Social Media Ministry and allow the young people to work the ministry. Evangelism has to be done on social media now. No more knocking on doors.