This Is How We Do It

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT airs on Congo TV Network. The new Reality Series can be seen on Congo’s Youtube Page for free. It showcases the dynamic relationship between Author Ro Wright and his sons. The guys go on adventures, have outings, attend festivals, and talk about college on the episodes. It’s definitely a show that the family will enjoy.


One of the things you will notice instantly on the show is that Ro Wright wears a different HBCU shirt on every episode. The show is centered around him spending time with his sons when he is not on tour but also the way he and his wife Sandria has established a cultural atmosphere in their home for their sons to focus on Historically Black Colleges.

Generation Debate

This is one technology driven family. Ro and his boys are very engaged in advanced technology. From cellphones to computers, these boys are very skilled. The boys often call their father ‘old’ and they try to give him swag from time to time but their generations collide. They don’t understand the music and clothes of the 80’s and he doesn’t understand much of their culture today.


While Ro’s wife, Sandria, appears on a few of the episodes the show is not about her. She loves the relationship her husband has with their boys and thought it would be a great idea to create a platform to show Black Fathers in a positive light. She works for the show behind the scenes and she has invested a lof of time to help them prepare a great product. Sandria believes the male figure is very important in a young boy’s life and the world doesn’t have enough shows displaying true fatherhood and the companionship fathers can build with their sons.

Channel: Congo TV Network


Executive Producers: Ro & Sandria Wright, Patrick Davis, and Gerald Wright

Film Location: New Orleans, LA

Stars: Ro Wright, Cadence Wright, Ethan Wright