Yeti Microphone used in new TV Series on FOX starring Kelsy Grammer

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Let’s just clear the elephant in the room. Kelsey Grammer is baaaaack!!!!!

Ok. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. Congratulations to FOX for an incredible new TV Show. Proven Innocent premeired February 15 on Fox and the first episode was everything you’ve missed from the FOX playlist. It’s Scandal meets Blue Bloods meets Suits and you’re gonna love every minute of it.

The Yeti Microphone is the real star of the show. For Tech Addicts this is major because most shows tend to hide products which aren’t a sponsor of the series. I don’t for sure if Yeti is a series sponsor or not but I do know the microphone makes several appearances on both the first and second episodes. For those who may not know, there is an audio war going on between Audio Developers over who built the best microphone. The common consumer would pay it no mind but the next time you go into Best Buy or Fry’s or whatever electronic store near you stroll down the mic aisle and you’ll see… it is a Game of Thrones going on out here!

The Yeti has long been esteemed top of the line by most Podcasters and Internet Broadcasters for it’s simplicity and mobility. While there are many mics available with equal compatibility hardly any can top Yeti’s quality. On the show a law firm specializes in re-opening the cases of people who were wrongfully convicted. Their claims are supported by a daily Podcast hosted by Nikki M. James, who stars as Violet Bell. Because her podcast sort’a narrates the episodes the Yeti microphone gets the leading role every time she appears. “Big Red” is front and center and ready for all the paparazzi when next year’s Awards Season rolls around!

If the mic is not enough to make you check out this series, a very talented cast of stars make it worth every minute. Rachelle Laferve stars as Madeline Scott, a high profiled Attorney who was wrongfully convicted of killing her best friend. Russell Hornsby stars as Ezekiel Boudreu, the attorney who represented Laferve and got her released from jail. Guess who was the attorney who put her behind bars… did I mention KELSEY GRAMMER IS BAAAAAACK!!!! (Frazier, Cheers, Boss)

It’s a must-watch series that will captivate you on the very first episode. Congratulations to Fox and a major congratulations to the Yeti Mic team. We, the Tech Addicts, give you permission to take a bow.