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As kids we loved going to the grocery store with our Grandfather. He was an older man and he walked really slow. I mean… really slow. So, it was our routine to take his list and go through the store collecting the groceries for him. My brothers and I would have his whole list complete before he even made it to the second aisle. What do you call those coupon people? You know… the people who collect sale papers and compare the prices at every store… *thinking* … well, I don’t know what they are called but my brother, Robert,…

For most people, all it takes is one bad week and it just spirals through every part of your life. One bad financial week can knock your whole month off. One bad month can knock a whole season off. One season of discomfort can set you back for a year. Before you know it, you’ve been trying to get back on track for years and it doesn’t seem like any progress is being made. Then, out of the blue… you give the world your middle finger and you just don’t care anymore. Despair can overcome the strongest person if it…

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