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Do you remember going to K-Mart as a child? Many people may not remember but at one time Wal-Mart was not the ideal shopping center. It was K-Mart. I used to go to K-Mart every Friday when my dad paid us for our weekly responsibilities. Friday was my day to hit up K-Mart and buy the latest R&B tape. We didn’t have cds then and the tapes would normally cost like $22. Sometimes even more. Today, you can download a whole project for $9.99 on iTunes or Google Play. When Wal-Mart became more established K-Marts begin to vanish. Seems Wal-Mart…

The worst feeling in the world is the anger you get when you have been faithful to someone and you find out they haven’t been faithful to you. It feels like a vacuum sucks your whole soul out of you and leaves you completely cleaned out of kindness. In that moment, you don’t want to hear a bible verse. You don’t want to hear anything about Forgiveness. You don’t have anything positive to say. You just want to be mad and believe you have every right to be furious. Take your time. Let it out. Cry it out. Cuss it out.…

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